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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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to tecarrier, is that how we ar going to do business? >> that's a president. that sets a bad precedent. president obama helps create millions of jobs with the automobile industry. that's not even true. >> i got to give you the last word there. hogan, we are out of time, guys. thank you very much for being here. it is always a spirited conversation with the both of you. much more to talk about both of you later on this year and 2017. that does it for us at this hour on msnbc, more news with my colleague, jacob soboroff, in new york. >> thank you very much. thanks for sticking with us. i am jacob soboroff live in new york headquarters. we could hear the price that russia will pay for disrupting america's elections. what implications in three weeks
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until america's new president takes the oath of office. he remains at his resort today in florida of the final throw of his transition doubling down on his economic promise of keeping jobs and production in the good, old united states of america. can he win the political fight if he's not practicing what he's preaching. here we go again. another winter wall on the northeast city standing by for a foot of sw. we are tracking the storm and finding out how officials are gearing up. we want to start in the hacking story. we'll expect the white house to issue a financial sanction against russians. we are hearing those sanctions are out against the top leader. joining me now to discuss this breaking news is hans nicolls and tammy leitner.
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hah hans, we are hearing it coming out in the hour. what do you know? >> five entities and four individuals are targeted by these sanctions. they are coming from the treasury department. what they do is they list the names, the passport numbers and they make it clear. these four individuals are directly responsible for the hacks and they have that linkage within the text. we are just going through it right now. i will throw it back to you and i am going to jump back to my computer and get you the names and the right pronunciations on those names. >> tammy, talk about this when it comes to russia. >> reporter: the president-elect trump has different styles when it comes to russia.
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>> president obama announcing these sanctions today. keep in mind, this is been a long time coming. it was back in october that intelligence agency confirmed that russia was involved in this hack. president obama is careful not to provoke them or appears too aggressive. he always had a relationship with putin. it is a relationship that's described as business-like. now, lets talk about donald trump for a moment. he has what appears to be a cozy relationship with russia. he took a phone call from putin right after he was elected and how he's looking forward to have a strong relationship wi russia. yesterday, donald trump did not acknowledge that russia was involved in this hacking. jacob? >> matt bradley, toii want to go you. russia feels the sanctions. what effects the u.s. government has played? >> we don't know the details o f the sanctions.
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the russian foreign administration, of a retaliation in a statement yesterday. it is not clear exactly what this retaliation would mean. in the past, russia barred import as a way of striking back. whatever the obama administration decides to do with regarding to punishing russia, as you mention, this is amount to the latest round. now, obama in the european union trying to focus the sanctions on putin's closest confidantes. that brings in quite a bit of russia revenues. it sounds like most of the same and bank accounts prohibiting american and european and
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businesses making deals and placing travel bans and people are thought to be closed to putin. now, since then, gross domestic product hav products have fallen to 10%. so the u.s. sanctions heard. maybe not as much as drop price in 2014. that pulled it out from the economy and it sent it plummeting about 20%. he still pulls very high, something around 70%. the muslim population has becoming increasingly poor. why? putin enjoys strong control over the media and television news and he spends to convey his circles as part of the his populous fight against western nomination. he's very likely to pull the same sort of propaganda tricks of the sanctions we are hearing now.
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the harsher the u.s.gets, the easier it is going to be for putin to stylize himself as a champion. >> jacob. >> now let me go back to you. we are seeing language like u.s. -- and these cities will be -- how does this stack up to what we see before and what are t the implications of this? >> this is an escalation. when you take a look at some of e names that's listed here, the term here is it is especiallily designated national list update. what's important about that is that puts on certain restrictions. this goes through an executive order, so we should be cleear
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about this. they can revoke this because it is done through executive order. most of these individuals are first nationals and deputy national in the gru. that's russia's intelligence service. the five or six names that i read here. looks like there is a deputy and director of the gru, most of them are russians. one of -- lets play a little ping-pong here. you can do a little talking and i will take another look of this and we can shed more light. >> i want to go to ron allen right now who's outside the white house. what are you hearing right there? >> reporter: this is what we are expecting what we may call naming and shaming specific individuals and entities, diplomatic sanctions and economic sanctions. the administration is trying to via focus as possible.
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however, i am not quite sure whether or not this relate, this is the highest of ranking officials in the russian government which is essentially who the president charge with being involved of this hacking and operation. it is significant event that they are targeted. i don't see putin's name was mentioned here. it would be an incredible step if they name the president of russia as being involved in this. all is naming directly at putin. the question is how effective will this be and the other question is what else are they doing that they are not telling us about? the administration is hinted for a long time for much of what they would do in response to hackinthis campaign would be covert. there are some analysts who have been saying that, that's the kind of thing that vladimir
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putin would understand. something that's covert because of his past and something that's secret and essentially the united states could do and let the targeted individuals e entis but not make it public and make a big deal out of it. trying to go through the details of all of this. and adding more meat and details to what they think they accomplish by naming and shaming by detailing these individuals and entities where they say is behind the hacking and leaking operation of the campaign >> we are getting additional nugget here. we are lucky to have with us onset right now a former spokesperson for the treasury department and as well as for
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the u.s. mission to the united nations. you used to put out, you are the one to alert the media like folks like us. >> i did. i use you had to work on this. >> what do you make of what we are hearing and breaking at this hour? >> this is for sure significant escalation. but, to take action against those intels and individuals, it is more than name ing and shami because it has a practical effect. >> it is really just adding mournings to the group. that's tightening the news around any of those close advisers and making it harder for those to move money or move money on his behalf. >> and we have the in coming
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donald trump administration of 22 days. some of these sanctions by executive order, are they reversal by donald trump? >> president-elect trump could reverse them. but, it is technically and legally doable. if he were to do that, he would under mind the entire sanction regimes because it is imposed to target a bafr for which a country or individual engage in. if that behavior had not stop, it would come off weak to dismant dismantle something like that. >> the u.s. will expel 35 ssian diplomats in washington and san francisco and give them 72 hours to leave. is this something or are these sanctions are consistent of what we have seen before. you use the word escalation, why
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that word? >> i have not seen that move in a long time. certainly with regards to russia. i am not certain. something like that to target diplomats living in washington, d.c. and san francisco or the united states in general, i am telling them they have to leave. it is saying they post a threat to our national security and we want them to go. >> these are official sanctions and certainly out there for the public being put forward by the u.s. government. what about uni shall actions and retaliation of our election. what might that look like? >> it is hard for me to sa it is hard to say and i don't want to comment for a lot of reasons on it. >> can i ask you -- we are talking about cyber strikes or
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are we talking about in person, something happening or in russia, you know, what's the spectrum of covert actions that the u.s. government could be taking? >> it is hard to say. it depends on what they think, it could be proportionate or a wide range. they would choose something pro proportionate or something related. >> standby with us, i want to go back to hans nicolls. what do you have now. >> that gives you an indication of just the level of escalation that the barack obama and in the waiting day of his presidency is going after the head of their intelligence agency, adding him to the angssanction list. it is an executive order. issued last night. came down on december 28th. it makes very clear, jacob, of a
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direct retaliation to the election. here is the language for tampering or altering or causing the misinformation of under mining the process. this is the retaliation from the obama administration. it is an executive order, putin is not on it but the head of their intelligence is. now, we have to wait crucially for russian to respond. jacob, get yourself on a plane to mouscow, this is a big ory. i want to go back to ron allen. what are you hearing. the president is in the hawaii. what are you hearing? >> reporter: it says today i have ordered a number of actions in response to the russian government of harassment of u.s. officials and cyber sop sop -- operations aimed at the u.s. election. >> it is necessary inappropriate
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response to harm interests in violation of established national norms or behaviors. there is that language from the white house of the president, talking about repeated warnings and saying that this is certainly a threat of american national security in order to use the sanction regime as we understand that the president had to, the white house had to put the election systems into this category of critical u.s. infrastructure so that sanction can be imposed under the authority that the president has and believe he has. again, it remains to be seen what donald trump will do to this order and every expectations that he will seek to reverse it or not implement it. a strong line of the president of the united states as we have this executive order directed as a number of russian entities and nine all together charged essentially trying to disrupt the american election. jacob. >> ron, reading further from the
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statement that you have here from the preside, thesdata thefts could be directed from the highest level of the russian government. toi i want to turn back here, the u.n. as well, when you hear the president of the united states saying the "highest level of russian government," what do you mie make of that? >> i think he's pointing fingers at putin. >> it is not unprecedented. it is an enormous move. it is something the u.s. government has done before and maybe being left on the table. >> of course, now, we await for the response of the russian government to the sanctions. if you were in your old job and releasing these sanctions totda. what are you waiting for and looking for in response? >> any sanctions that the russian government would take into action would not be effective. if they are going to add more
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government official sanctions is laughable at this time. to other kind of covert and deceptive moves. i think that begs another question and that requires the united states government to take stronger steps to protect our cyber system. >> thank you very much, just to reset here of new sanctions at this hour from the united states government from president obama directed in his words of the highest level of government. joining me now is congressman. what do you make of this? >> my first reaction is for a president who's cautious and measured as barack obama has been. this dramatic steppen indicates
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the magnitude of the tra transgression of the russians. you don't take this kind of action unless what they did was very serious. secondly, i would say that donald trump ought to be the happiest man on earth right now. he ought to berateful to president obama for taking the action that he would not be able to do. i think it is clear with his relationship and russia, he would not have taken this step. he should be grateful for president obama taken this decisive action. >> if he would not have taken this step, president-elect trump, once he's in office, president obama has done this at the tail end of his eight years in office, we heard president-elect trump just this week in the last couple of days talking about interference from the obama administration in the transition, is this not exactly
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what donald trump criticizing president obama doing a couple of days ago? >> exactly. >> that's what unfortunately so true of our political dynamic right now. there is so much hipocracies. he would have taken a different position if this were hillary clinton about to be sworn in and this type of thing occurs. it is very, very sad. this is not about the motive of the russians. this is not about whether or not president-elect trump's election was valid or not. this is about a threat of the constitution and the democracy of the united states and decisive action was clearly
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indicated. >> well, again, this goes to one of this thing he's done that's problematic that's under mining the credibility of the intelligence and the network of the united states. he's done it with the military as well. all the 17 intelligence agencies that came to the conclusion that the russians were involved in this. it is very, very problematic that what he does with his tweets and other comments, he need to have some people who are much more measured around him. right now, unfortunately, i think he has people like stephen bannon and mr. flynn and reince priebus are not policy people. he needs to get solid policy people to advise him. >> if you can standby with us. reactions from your colleagues in congress coming in.
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we turn to kasie hunt who's been following this for us. >> we have a statement from senator chuck schumer that i want to get to. we just have a statement from senator mark warner who's the in coming vice chairman of the c t committee. while he thinks these sanctions are a positive step, he wants congress to slap more sanctions on russia, so trying to under score of the importance of continuing with congressional action. he also says i will continue to urge the in coming administration to respect the expertis expertise and conclusions reached by our professionals. that's something you will hear about as the story unfolds.
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you have sean spicer on transition phone calls today talking about not trusting or wanting more information about the fbi's conclusions in this matter. i want to take you from the statement from senator chuck schumer who's tng about the next administration. one line in the statement where he say, i hope the in coming trump administration which had been far too close to russia throughout the campaign and transition won't think for one second about weakening these new sanctions or our existing regime. both parties ought to be united and standing up to cyber attacks and illegal annexation of crimea and other extra-legal interventio interventions. i explained a lot of the timing
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here of the obama administration and how we can expect democrats to talk about these over the course of the months. if donald trump wants to try to remove these sanctions and make changes to them, that's going to give democrats and republicans a way to talk about it if they did not have before and sort of changes the under line functions of thesie sanctions. we don't have statements yet from senator i don't know mccain or lyndsey graham. they are traveling to ukraine and georgia. it is a trip that aimed at what vladimir putin had done in the region as well as what he did in this election and we of course, heard them how they believe
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lyndsey graham. we'll look to see what they say about these sanctions and how the administration is putting out today. what they think they maybe able to do in addition to that, going forward. jacob. >> thanks with reaction fs and from the hill. some breaking news, out of washington, d.c. and of course, honolulu and owahu, where president obama is on his holiday vacation. in response to cyber interference of the election. we know that several voting system were compromised and data were downloaded from some of those voter registrations and systems were up to 200,000 names ochlt this is the much awaited and anticipated response of the obama administration. president obama says these
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actions are not the sum totals of our response and perhaps an illusion to covert response. we may also see with the obama administration with more on that. i want to turn back to hans nicolls. what do you make of that line from president obama's statements? >> these sanctions are not just about the cyber intrusion. there is another opponent here. mainly two russian official haves been involved in cyber theft. that's two individuals. one us listed of stealing up from 100 million from u.s. companies. what the president is announcing today is giving them cyber tool making them publicly available to u.s. cyber firm to protect institutions and private property. this makes it -- a larger point about russian aggression, this is not just about the election.
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because of harassment of u.s. and diplomats in russia. the 35 russian individuals, they have 72 hours to get out of town. that's in direct response to what's been happening diplomatically and russia in terms of u.s. diplomats there. that's not related to the cyber aspect of this. declaring them, that's tick for tact tack. >> we heard hans nicolls talking about the u.s. expelling some of these diplomats and some of these are being in response to intimidations and members of the united states diplomatic or in russia. does this seem like a comparable response? >> declaring it, it is not a decision taken lightly at all.
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i was at the white house when our diplomats in damascus were bothered by the syrian government. we did not do much at the time. it was a decision that was very heavy and requires a lot of equity to did whether or not to pursue that course o action. to do that, i would agree that it was directly in results, it was taken in the larger context of punishing russia for its behavior of interfering the elections. >> what we the american people, what the american government might expect in terms of reactions from russia. word now that we are hearing from russia, bradley, turning back to you in london, what's the latest? >> we have not heard response from russia or vladimir putin. two days ago, this spokesperson, from the russian foreign ministry threatened against some of these sanctions and she seems
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to anticipate the nature of this sanctions. she made a specific threat that any attempt to attack or harass russian diplomat would coquote quote ricochet back to american diplomat. some 35 russian diplomats are being given 72 hour to get out. we can expect a similar sort of gesture from the russian government. this sort of ricochet that she's talking about. again, as i mentioned earlier with you, jacob, vladimir putin, is likely to appear stronger as a results of these sanctions. vladimir has been adapt at taking any attack, interests by the united states especially by the obama administration and pedaling it the the russian's public as a victory. he self stylized as a kind of champion for the russian government for the russian
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people and really for all of the east against the west and especially against the obama administration. he's champion ned not just for s people but the regimes that's coming up are now rising in western europe and championing them on the global stage. putin is from crafting a new vocabulary to express this sort of -- throwing pretenses towards human riepghts and this sort of thing -- and this comment from the foreign ministry spokesperson just two days ago is just a little preview and a taste of the reaction that we can probably hear in the next several hours or maybe tomorrow in reaction to the announcement of these sanctions, jacob. >> i want to go back to congressman yarmuth in kentucky,
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how much of this and given of everything we heard is a preventive measure against the in coming donald trump ministration. how much of this is a measure in the worries that trump administration may not go forward with actions like this. >> yeah, i think this has to be the prime driving factor of the timing of it. president obama is not sure that president obama would be willing to do this and given the relationship with putin and the russians and that he needed to do it to take the pressure off of president trump to do it. that's why i said earlier, i think president-elect trump should be grateful that president obama -- i wish that president obama would have done this earlier.
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i would have liked him to do it prior to the election. i know he felt like he was playing politics with it. but, he made that call, i respect that call. i respect the motivation for that decision. but, it was a appropriate that he do it now right before president-elect trump takes office so that again, it can be kind of a bad cop and good cop situation and president obama mayed t played the bad cop and president-elect trump can see what the benefits of the country he can go with the country. >> i want to turn to peter alexander now is joining us from the state department. what are you hearing fromour po there? >> jacob, live in your washington, d.c. burreau right
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now. all communicating together to the country what these new sanction wills look like. you have been reporting about their declarations today that 35 russian officials operated here has been declared and expelled from this country. what is striking is here is the desire from this language to try to do something while it can be unwou unwound, it is not binding throughout the next administration, they hope by the evidence and through this presentation today is senior intelligence sources, tell us right now that'll affect have that impact on the new add minute vacation so that donald trump and his team feel that it would be impossible for them to roll these sanctions and these efforts based on the information that's provided and on top of that indicates and among other thing, some of the lessons that
11:33 am
american officials believe can be learned from this and indicated of the state of the homeland security as well as the fbi releasing technical information on russian civilians and intelligence efforts in terms of cyber activity to help as they write network defender of the u.s. identify and disrupt russia's global campaign of malicious cyber activity and trying to create an environment where they can prepare themselves in anticipation of what maybe similar attacks of this in the future. >> peter alexander, thank you very much in our washington, d.c. in new york, president obama says that the department of homeland security and the fbi is going to be releasing declassified technical information on russian civilians and military service, cyber activity. from your post, former u.n. and treasury department official, you have released sanctions like this before to the public as part of your former job.
11:34 am
what may you see of the department of the homeland security in the fbi information that's declassified information that the obama administration is going to be releasing. >> what i expect to see would be, something is oiously right before president-elect trump takes office purposely done obviously. something about the detail s of how our cyber networks were hacked and exactly what information was compromised and possibly i am not certain of the effects of that. but if we can get some need gridy who was behind it and the effects and how we need to move forward with russia in the future. >> i want to reset to everybody that's tuning in right now. the news we have been reporting al hours is that president obama as issued sanctions over the election hacking and other activities of the russian government that targeted russian
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diplomats living in the united states, russians living in russia and as well as russia organizations and businesses here in the united states. obama's diplomat has accepted unacceptable level of harassment in moscow. we have got this covered from the pentagon and our washington, d.c. bureau and all the way from hawaii where president obama is on vacation. i want to go back to hans nicolls of homeland security and the fbi, what might we ultimately see once we get our eyes on that information? >> well, the idea from reading through this is that you will have an idea cyber security firm have an idea on how to defend against future potential russian cyber attacks. what they hope to do here is share information or share software, that's my reading of
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that section. having head this through this seems to be there are four part of it. exposing 35 diplomats whether they are working for other agencies, usually, they have covered diplomatic -- and then the other two sections are the individuals that's being sanctioned and the institutions that's being sanctioned. the individuals they're going at the top of the gru including the actual director of the gru. that's a clear escalation. did russia took retaliation action against the ahead of our cia, fbi. we have duo hat role in the state. that's one of the most significant part. the scope of it, this is not just dealing with the cyber
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attacks in terms of the election but harassment of u.s. diplomats and also, has this defensive component that gives you an indication that this administration is preparing for r a longer battle and cyber battle beyond when they are leaving town january 20th. >> ironically, just days before the obama administration leaves office, certainly sets the tone for the in coming trump administration. kasie hunt has been following this for us. we got words from speaker paul ryan. >> that's right. >> russia does not share america's interests. he calls today sanctions action is over dued a and an inappropre
11:38 am
way to end eight years of failed policy with russia as he puts it. this left america weaker in the eyes of the world. paul ryan is taking the opportunity to criticize president obama's overall foreign policy over the course of the last eight years but not criticizing this move and calling russia and saying that russia is somebody that does not share american's interests and these sanctions is over due. that does tell something about how articular. and how mitch mcconnell will plan to handle this going forward. it also sends a signal that if president-elect trump were to try to roll these back, republicans in washington may
11:39 am
warn him against doing that. >> kasie hunt, what do you make of what we heard from speaker paul ryan before we heard from president-elect trump. >> well, there is a process in place for communicating members of congress on things like this. we are working oen details of how the obama administration would have been in touch with the members of congress. speaker paul ryan receive information and briefings. at this point, it is a safe aassumpti assumption considering of the speed and statements of the wake of this announcement and some knowledge of how this happens. we'll see the transition team, i am sure other members of our team have asked them a forward response to this. it is not clear if they had heads up of any kind of the administration.
11:40 am
it is possible that they did. i would be interested to know and the president spoke to president-elect trump on the phone. that was in the context of the conversation that we have been having about personal back and forth and what donald trump has had to say on twitter about how the transition process was going. the timing, of course, it is interesting and of course, we are trying to learn more about what that conversation may entail. >> jacob. >> certainly must have been an interesting conversation. president-elect trump sort of brush it off like it was no big deal last night when we heard from hill. we'll all be eager to hear what went on if we get those details. kasie hunt, thank you very much. we have reached out here on nbc news to the trump transition team for comment os on the obam sanctions of russians hacking the election. we'll bring it to you as soon as we have it. for now, we'll take a break and we'll be right back.
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i am jacob soboroff on msnbc, following breaking news at this hour of russia over allegations of hacking. the obama administration taking actions to exploit three dozens diplomats of the united states. i want to circle back right now to hans nicolls that's been following this closely for us at the pentagon. >> just to put that number into conta conte context. 35 diplomats have been given 72
11:45 am
hours to leave the country. the last time we had something of that level was back in 2001. at that point, 50 diplomats were ordered to leave and not all in such a quite close time frame. so that the expulsion of the diplomats in some way is the biggest headline wrapper of this. my reading of what that is in retaliation for is that's not in retaliation for the cyber attack and the interfering o f the u.s. presidential election. that's in response to what u.s. officials are saying of harassment by russian authorities of u.s. diplomat. i believe he was obama's second ambassador. mcfaul was there and he was harassed and being followed the tailed. that's an indication and this is not just the poison relationship
11:46 am
on the cyber front but broader diplomatic relations. what does donald trump do? does he revoke the executive order? that's fine, the diplomat is going to expel. is he trying to claw back the information of the department of homeland security is going to put out there in terms of laying the blame on russians? >> a lot of what the president is doing, president obama is not going to be able to put back in the box by the next president and that to me seems really stinks. >> congressman, i want to ask you about secretary of state, rex tillerson is the ceo of exxon mobile. he spoke out against the effectiveness of sanctions just like this. >> well, the question always becomes of what is the alternative and what kind of action would you take if you thought sanctions were in
11:47 am
effective. it would be interesting to hear his answers. it is so easy to criticize sanctions and for paul ryan to take a cheap shot of the president when he agreed with what he did seems to be disappointing at best. that's always the question is you can criticize something but what's your alternative. rex tillerson with certainly a lot of international experience but not diplomatic experience. i would be interested in hearing hi theory on what is the proper -- proper approach to something like this. seems to me that this is rather unprecedented in the history of the country and at least the cyber attack. i am hoping that president-elect trump has been fully briefed and took this briefing on the cyber attack so he understands the magnitude of the issue. >> i believe the latest we heard is that he's taken the
11:48 am
presidential briefing. congressman yarmuth, we appreciate you spending this hour for us. matt bradley, who's monitoring any russian reactions from our nbc newsroom in london. matt. >> we heard a taste of some of this early russian reactions of the news agency told reuters that this news sanction would be counter productive and it would damage the bilateral ties. this is just the beginning. the four ministries spoke and came out in an internet statement and aid that was posted online. as you mentioned, jacob, this seems to be in response to this campaign of harassment by russian official and traffic police and even against u.s. diplomats in moscow.
11:49 am
now, this foreign ministry spokeswoman knew these sanctions are targeted. against intelligence officials and diplomats, that's exactly what we heard if this is indeed the end of the sanctions announcement. while th we can expect some something more of a bark lash against diplomats who are main russia a the expulsion of another 35 or several dozens u.s. diplomats in russia. the russian foreign ministry had been clear and what type of actions are they planning on taking. we may not hear about it tonight or tomorrow. we expect that they'll have some kind of retaliations against diplomats. russia has taken in kind sanctions for economic
11:50 am
sanctions. back in 2014 when russia claimed the annexation in crimea. their response to that does cut support. they're going to be doing something of a retaliatory nature in kive. maybe we can expect it to come in a couple of hours or days. >> thank you, i want to go onset with me. you said that matt bradley talking about those russian responses to united state sanctions, the european union ultimately, you say the effect did not intended one. >> it is in effect russia imposing sanctions on itself because it relies so much on external import. i want to turn now to our
11:51 am
analysts, a analyst analysts. has he been painting into a corner here by the obama administration? >> yes and no. while president-elect trump tries to maintain a good and healthy relationship with russia, this also puts him in a position where it is obvious that russia has been hacking and this is wrong. this is bad and i think that there are a lot of u.s. senators, republicans agree that this cannot go on. i think it puts president-elect trump in a position to go ahead with it. if he backs away from it saying these sanctions needo be removed or go around it then he's saying that it is okay or
11:52 am
it is all right. 'll say it maybe woed to his favor. getting back to that, you got to realize that rsia had existing sanctions with it and with the annexation of crimea. so looking forward, you got to realize that these sanction that is obama is doing that's out going, what are the ramifications on that and those ramifications are on the watch of now president-elect trump is going to have to deal with the pop up sanctions that now president obama has given to russia. he will have to deal with those. >> nina turner, you were with us throughout the campaign talking about political strategies of both parties and some political strategies at play here. >> what do you make of what president obama did today? >> well, he's following his
11:53 am
constitutional duty to protect america from all threats both foreign and domestic, jacob, in this new cyber world, it is important that we protect ourselves and it is not just about russia. it could be about china or any foreign force that would do some of these things and this bigger than podesta e-mails or the hacks. as a nation, both the private sect sector, we are going to have to come to terms with this and lets not forget for what happened with sony and target and home depot and other private stores like that. and also, what just happened to yahoo. this is a bigger issue at play and we are going to have to be able to protect our cyber's interests throughout. >> kasie turner talking about this is bigger than the dnc hack and john podesta's e-mails and u.s. diplomats over seas.
11:54 am
is this something the members of congress expected in terms of justification of these? >> it covers a variety of things together and some members of congress have been approaching this issue and under score a point that john mccaa and lyndsey gram haltom ty bes been. we talked a lot about the hacks because they affected the 2016 campaign. there are many political issues at stake and to georgia and ukraine, they are highlighting one set of issues. the issues of expulsion of diplomats, the united states have had olt f diplomats who have been harassed and intimidated. there is been a lot of issues back and forth and we heard our former u aassador talking about this issue at some length.
11:55 am
this taken together represents the administration push back across a host of fronts. i do think if you want to talk about this from a political perspective and what does this do for the in coming presidential administration. it puts a lot of pressure on donald trump potentially because this is something that he would now have to actively undo. he would have to say, reject essentially, the findings of the intelligence agencies of what led to what we are seeing today. >> that's something that has the potential to set up extraordinary tensions within the republican party. >> there is a couple of things going on. there are republicans who take a different view of the world and takes a different view of russia of the world and vladimir putin. >> there are a lot more republicans than democrats were ready to leave on the defense committee itself. people on the intelligence committee, the sanctions aside
11:56 am
from the actual policy, execution of them, it is going to set up a potential political back and forth in that regard if trump continues to question whether or not these intelligence assessments are accurate. >> kasie hunt, thank you very much. noel and anina turner. thank you very much for joining with us during this hour of breaking news. everybody stick with us, we'll be right back. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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that wraps up our breaking
12:00 pm
news coverage at this hour, craig melvin picks things up right now. >> thank you very much jacob soboroff, we continue of this breaking news of united states directing by president obama announcing of russia's alleged spe interference election of our election and naming individuals specifically for their roles in all of this and expelling 35 russia diplomats from the united states. we have our guests today and we are lining up to digest all of these news. hans nicolls remaining at the pentagon for us. break news actions down for us and what's being done here. >> think of it in three parts. one is the retaliation against four individuals and interfering and direct and


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